5 Cute Ways to Style a Tee

5 Cute Ways to Style a Tee

Not only are our graphic tees cute and trendy they are also soft and comfy. Let me show you 5 different ways to style your tee no matter if you want to style them up or down. 

1: Sized Up. This style is coming back in and I personally love it. To achieve this look you will want to go up a size in your tee. This will give you that oversized look.



2: Tucked in. I enjoy tucking in my tees with a cute pair of wide pants or even a cute maxi skirt. Tucking in your tee will give you a little more definition to your body and will say goodbye to the boxy look. 

3: Styled with an oversized jacket. Lets not forget our denim jackets, our tees are a perfect pairing with any of your favorite denim jackets. 


4: Knotty. Ohh the 90s are definitely making a comeback. If you have teens in your house I am sure you can attest to this. Knotting your tees is now in so let your love for the 90s out! You can add your knot in the middle, on the side or, as my teen loves to do it, on the back. Either way this trend is back and we are loving it. 


5: Pair with a Flannel. Around here we love pairing our tees with flannels and jeans. The bigger the flannel the better. You could also choose one of our crop top tees or an oversized shirt tucked under to create a cropped look. Either way you go you will have style and comfort all in one. 


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