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Memorial Slate with Picture

Memorial Slate with Picture

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Memorial Slate with Picture

Our memorial slate is made with natural slate boards. I add a nice coat clear sealer to give it the nice shiny finish. Adding a picture to our memorial slate is the perfect addition adding to your flower garden or a place sitting on your loved ones grave until the permanent stone arrives. 


Our slates come in 3 different sizes to give you a budget friendly option. 

How to Order:

  1. select the size you would like.
  2. If you want to add a picture please email it to us at
  3. in the txt box leave the exact txt you would like to have. If you need help with this please email us or choose the chat option below.

How its Made:

We will be making your beautiful memorial slate with our laser. We use a clear sealer/spray paint to give the slate a nice gloss look.

Processing Time:

This item will take up to 14 days to process. This does not include shipping. 

Made In USA

We ship directly to you from our shop in Oak Ridge, TN. 

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